Hackerzhub , a website that offers to connect customers and "professional" hackers for hire, would have you believe that just about everyone, at one point or another, needs to hack into something. And it wants to help.

The website which shows listings way back, when it launched includes more than 100s of comments and testimonies  from users seeking hackers. There are around 20 accredited and verified  hacker contacts displayed on the site, and  many of them  appear to be active.

"Hiring a hacker shouldn't be a difficult process, we believe that finding a trustworthy professional hacker for hire should be a worry free and painless experience," reads the website.

Hacking is no longer considered a task only reserved for high-stakes situations, like international espionage, but sometimes people want hackers' help for very mundane things. 

If someone suspects a spouse is cheating, a user could post an anonymous listing on Hacker's List, name a price and the right person could gain access to a significant other's social media accounts.

There are listings for a variety of activities, which are called "projects" on the website, from breaking into iPhones to tampering with academic grades, hack database, increase credit score , delete criminal records, spy on cheating spouse. E.T.C

For every hacking services have it own price , ranging from $100 - $1500 , also make such when dealing with hackers you use bitcoin or any other crypto currencies for payment. 


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